UBER Drivers Employment Compensation Claim

This claim is open to all UBER drivers in the UK. 

UBER drivers are entitled to significant compensation as the Supreme Court has ruled that they are employees.

The Supreme Court has handed down its decision in Uber v Aslam, reaching the same conclusion as earlier courts that Uber drivers are ‘workers’.

What does this Ruling mean For UBER Drivers

  • The drivers are ‘workers’ from the moment they switch on their apps, and are available for work in their area, to the time when they switch their apps off at the end of the day (or, presumably, for a break).
  • The reality of the relationship between UBER and its drivers was not be bound by what the documentation states and that the tribunal was entitled to find that Uber drivers are ‘workers’, not self-employed subcontractors.

The Supreme Court ruled that UBER drivers were entitled to claim minimum wage (including backpay for minimum wage), with their minimum wage claims being based upon their entire working day, not just when they had a rider in their cabs.  Up to two years’ backpay or £25,000 (whichever is the larger) .

They can also claim 5.6 weeks’ paid annual leave each year, and will have whistleblowing and similar rights. 

How Much Is My Claim Worth

Your claim will be calculated as follows

  • Number of hours worked in the past two years at minimum wage 
  • 11.2 weeks holiday pay at minimum wage
  • UBER to pay unpaid NI contributions

Back pay claims are capped at £25,000

How Do I claim

This claim is open to all UBER drivers in the UK. To start your claim please click on the button below and complete the form