How To Make a Horse Riding Injury Compensation Claim

Find out what you need to do afterwards to receive compensation for any injuries that you sustained from the horse riding accident. This could be from a fall or an accident around the stables  or a kick from a horse. If the accident was not your fault or you were not under the correct supervision then you may be entitled to claim compensation.

How To Make A Claim Steps

Make a note of the time, date and details of how the fall or accident occurred

Get the names and contact details of any witnesses

Take photos of the area where the accident happened and any defective tackle

Visit the A&E or your own doctor as a medical report will be required later

Take photos of your injuries

Use the compensation calculator to discover an estimated value of your claim

Complete our claim form below and we will take it from there

Horse Riding Injury Claim

Horse riders are very vulnerable and when they are involved in an accident then the injuries sustained can vary from minor cuts and bruises to serious head and spinal injuries or even death. If you have been injured in a horse riding accidents which was not your fault then you are entitled to compensation for the injuries and loss sustain in that accident.

Types of Horse Riding Accident Claims

Not all horse riding accidents have someone at fault. Riding on an animal that can think and act for itself is what makes riding unpredictable and fun! However, riding is an activity which can occasionally result in injury.

If you have had a horse riding accident here or abroad on holiday and suffered injury and financial loss, whether you were riding a horse for pleasure or working with them, then you may be able to claim a sum of money to compensate you. The purpose of such compensation is for you to be put back in the position you would have been had the accident not happened. This can enable you to obtain funds to pay for expenses, much needed treatment/ rehabilitation, vets fees, your loss of earnings and so on....

A typical horse riding accident can be limited to a simple fracture, however given the nature of the sport, brain injury and spinal injuries are also common. Very often people suffer head injuries and don't appreciate the plethora of symptoms that can follow as a result. These can include, difficulties with memory, concentration, change in personality, anxiety, depression, as well as the more commonly known symptoms such as headaches. Horse riding accidents can be caused by:
  • Defective or ill-fitting equipment
  • Allowing a rider to ride an inappropriate horse or pony for their riding ability or experience
  • Failure to risk assess the rider and/or the horse / pony they are allocated
  • Poorly organised hacks with inadequate leadership and supervision
  • Road traffic accidents involving horses, including irresponsible driving or riders not being given correct safety and high-visability clothing
  • Insufficient checking of saddle and girth causing them to loosen and the rider to fall
  • Kicks from a horse
  • Being crushed by a horse
  • Failure to train and or supervise employees
  • Riding on an unsuitable surface
  • Failing to warn the rider of particular characteristic or vice that is likely to cause injury
  • Failing to provide a safe environment for lessons
  • Falling or being injured on the yard or in the riding stables as a consequence of those responsible for the premises not taking reasonable steps to make sure they are safe
What Can I Claim For

As in all compensation claims the amount you receive as compensation will take into account your pain, suffering and any financial and economic loss that you may have incurred over the course of recovering from the horse riding accident. These could include such losses as:

  • Compensation for any injuries sustained
  • Cost of replacement of any riding equipment
  • Cost of replacement your riding hat
  • Cost of replacement or repair of clothing and accessories
  • Private medical treatment
  • Physiotherapy or other treatments
  • Travel expenses that you would not have incurred
  • Loss of earnings
For further details on injury compensation use our compensation calculator for an indication of monetary awards for certain injuries.

Making a Horse Riding Accident Claim
If you have been involved in a riding accident that was not your fault and wish to be compensated then simply complete our online claim form below to begin your claim and one of our specialists will call you back.