How To Make A Claim After A Motorbike Accident In Scotland

If you have been unfortunate enough to have been involved in a motorbike accident, you will be able to make a claim for compensation.

How To Claim Steps

Make a note of the time, date and details of how the accident occurred

Get the names and contact details of everyone involved in the accident

Get the names and contact details of any witnesses

Take photos of the accident scene or what caused the accident to happen

Did the police attend?

Visit the A&E or your own doctor as a medical report will be required later

Take photos of your injuries

Use the compensation calculator to discover an estimated value of your claim

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Motorbike Accident Claims

An accident on the road can be stressful for anyone involved, be it as the driver or pillion passenger . If you have been unfortunate enough to have suffered a road traffic accident, you will be able to make a claim for compensation.

Courtesy Motorbike & Repairs

Here at Scottish Claims Helpline we can get you back on the road quickly. We will organise the repairs to your motorbike and a courtesy replacement bike until it is back on the road or if the bike is deemed a write off until your settlement cheque comes through.

What Can I Claim For After My Motorbike Accident

Our road traffic accident experts will be able to guide you through this stressful time by arranging a replacement car which the other side will pay for and by claiming for all losses which you subsequently incur. This could include such losses as:

  • Write off value/repair of your motorbike
  • Injury compensation
  • Private medical treatment
  • Physiotherapy or other treatments
  • Loss of earnings
  • Cost of a new helmet
  • Cost of replacement or repair of clothing and accessories
Furthermore our specialist solicitors are expert at handling all forms of injury claims ranging from very serious head trauma to whiplash to minor cuts and bruises and can offer expert advice not only on compensation but also on rehabilitation and access to specialist medical treatments that you may need.

For further details on injury compensation use our motorbike accident compensation calculator for an indication of monetary awards for certain injuries.
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