Make A Fife Council Equal Pay Claim

Fife Council have lost their equal pay case and 

the winning solicitors Dallas McMillan have now reopened the claim to new clients. 

If you have not signed up already now is the time to do so.

If you are a female worker for Fife Council,  you can submit your equal pay claim online here.

You are entitled to be paid the same amount as male workers who are doing a comparable job. Fife Council may have been underpaying a number of staff for many years. 

If you are employed by the council then you may be due a pay out and you should make a claim for equal pay. 

Anyone can make a claim, union member or non union member.

If you are unsure if your in an eligible role it is better to make a claim than not therefore covering yourself, furthermore should your role not be eligible and your claim ultimately unsuccessful then under our no win no fee arrangement you will not be liable for any costs.

How Much Is My Claim Worth

Your claim would be calculated as the difference between your pay and the identified male comparator role going back five years. While it would be hard to put an absolute figure on a claim the differences have been worth thousands of pounds more per year. As such a claim figure of over £10,000 would not be unreasonable.

Points To Note

  • The council will not automatically make a pay-out to staff
  • You need to make a claim to receive a pay-out
  • Anyone can claim union member or non union member
  • You need to be currently employed with Fife Council

How To Make A Claim

  • Claims are conducted on a No Win No Fee basis by Dallas McMillan solicitors. 
  • There is a 20% success fee and if your claim is unsuccessful there are no fees to pay. 
  • If you have not yet make an equal pay claim and wish to do so simply click on the button below and complete our online claim form.