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Fife Council Equal Pay Claim - News & Updates


The pay expert has finished his report which will be lodged with the ET in a week or so. After that there will be further negotiations with the council representatives with a possible ET full hearing being scheduled


Preliminary Hearing set for the 12th April. Further exchange of information with the Council solicitors ongoing via telephone conference calls.


A procedural hearing with the Employment Tribunal has taken place by telephone on the 30/08/2016 with the employment judge and the council representatives and that both parties have been ordered to exchange information over the next 7 weeks. A further hearing is to be assigned for early November.

A letter will be sent to you over the next few days explaining this in detail.


The ACAS procedure was ultimately unsuccessful. All claims have now been lodged with the Employment Tribunal and we are waiting word back from them.


All claims have been lodged with the ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) and that process has now started however we have low expectations that anything will progress within ACAS. Therefore planning to lodge Employment Tribunal claims in June.


All claims will be lodged with ACAS next week. In six weeks’ time when the ACAS procedure has been concluded the claims will be then be lodged with the employment tribunal.


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