Your Equal Pay Rights

ASDA have just lost a long running case in the Supreme Court against their staff in relation to this issue. Thus setting a legal precedent which allows all other supermarket staff to make a claim.

If you are currently work on the shop floor of TESCOMorrisonsSainsburysASDA or the Co-Op as a cashiers, counter staff or shop floor general workers of a supermarket then you have a claim for equal pay. It is the duty of the company to ensure that workers doing a comparable job with it's organisation are paid at the same rate.

Your Equal Pay Claim

There are two roles in supermarkets that have now been ruled to be comparable but are not being paid equally.
    • A distribution centre floor worker takes goods from shelves places them in boxes, loads the boxes onto a pallet and moves the pallet onto a van.
    • A shop floor worker moves a pallet from a van, unloads boxes from the pallet and takes goods from the boxes and places them on shelves.

As you can see these roles are the same role but in reverse. This is just one of a number of scenarios.

However the distribution centre worker is paid many thousands of pounds more than the shop floor worker. This is inequality in comparable roles.

What Is Your Entitlement

If during the course of your regular day you stack goods onto shelves then you have a comparable role to a warehouse worker and are entitled to the same rate of pay as them.

You are entitled claim back the difference in wages between your rate and their rate going back as far as 2014. With 5 years being the statute of limitation in Scotland.

The annual wage difference is around £2000 and therefore you are entitled to that amount multiplied by the number of years worked giving you a possible payout of £10,000.

How To Make A Claim

If you have not yet make a supermarket shop floor workers equal pay claim and wish to do so simply complete our online claim form below