Your Equal Pay Rights

Hundreds of TESCO store workers have joined the equal pay claim to bring a legal claim against the company. Their demands are clear. Store workers want to be treated fairly. This means being paid a wage that would put them on an equal footing with their colleagues in other parts of the organisation.

Your Equal Pay Claim

There are two roles in TESCO that have now been ruled to be comparable but are not being paid equally.
  • A distribution centre floor worker takes goods from shelves places them in boxes, loads the boxes onto a pallet and moves the pallet onto a van.
  • A store worker moves a pallet from a van, unloads boxes from the pallet and takes goods from the boxes and places them on shelves.

As you can see these roles are the same role just in different location. This is just one of a number of scenarios where the two roles are comparable. However the distribution centre worker is paid thousands of pounds more than the store worker. 

How Much Is My Claim Worth

As a store worker you have a comparable role to a warehouse worker and are entitled to the same rate of pay as them. You are entitled to claim back the difference in wages between your rate and their rate. The annual wage difference is around £2000 and therefore you are entitled to that amount multiplied by the number of years worked up to a maximum of £10,000.

Important Information

  • It is unlawful for your company to sack you or discriminate against you for joining the equal pay claim.
  • Every day you wait to join the equal pay claim means the amount of compensation you can claim will decrease.
  • The case for equal pay will be led by the claims of female store workers. If successful, their male colleagues who signed up to the campaign will be able to ‘piggyback’ this action and will likely be eligible for the same level of compensation.

How To Make A Claim

Join hundreds of TESCO store workers who have signed up to bring a legal claim against the company to receive your pay rise and compensation. Click on the button below to start your claim.