Medical Negligence Compensation Calculator

You can review the list of recent medical negligence compensation awards to have an indication of the amount of compensation that you would be awarded. This is not an exhaustive list of possible payout and each medical or clinical negligence case is in it's unique.

Medical Negligence Cause
 late bone cancer diagnosis £50,000
 inappropriate repair of a perineal tear £200,000
 loss of one eye £70,000
 late diagnosis of third degree tear £200,000
 extravasation injury £122,000
 achilles tendon rupture £21,000
 failure to diagnose a corneal ulcer £48,000
 negligent bowel surgery £290,000
 negligent bladder surgery £17,500
 insulin dispensing error by pharmacist £15,000
 complications after triple bypass operation £182,500
 late diagnosis of cauda equina syndrome £400,000
 late diagnosis of a patella tendon rupture £100,000
 anaesthetic awareness £15,000
 late diagnosis of breast cancer £75,000
 late diagnosis of cervical cancer £250,000
 late diagnosis of testicular torsion £22,500
 neonatal death £25,000
 negligent shoulder operation £190,000
 breast cancer chemotherapy injury £59,000
 late diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy £37,000
 wrong side surgery £5,000
 failure to prevent pressure sores £6,500

Making a Medical Negligence Claim

If you feel you have suffered a misdiagnosis, any surgical errors or any other form of medical or clinical negligence and want to be compensated for your injuries, you should contact Scottish Claims Helpline today and one of our medical negligence solicitors in Scotland will deal with you case.

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