Falsified Vehicle Emissions Compensation Claim

We are no longer accepting any new claims in relation to this matter

Only Available To Residents of Scotland OR IF THE VEHICLE WAS PURCHASED IN SCOTLAND
We are currently signing up new clients to the class action relating to  Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC Engine emissions cheat scheme class action.

If you currently own one of these vehicles then you will have a claim.

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Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Affected By Emissions Scandal

Vehicles fitted with a diesel BlueTEC engine are affected by this scandal. Which to most buyers means all diesel vehicles made between 2012 and 2018. Below is a list of the vehicles that have the BlueTEC as their engine. 

Make Model
Mercedes-Benz         C-Class
Detailed Mercedes Vehicle List

History of the Issue

The German Transport Authority have found that Mercedes were installing cheating software in their BlueTEC diesel engines. This caused a false emissions readings during vehicle testing and was misrepresenting the actual emissions during normal driving. The nitrogen oxide emissions of the engines as a result were not in compliance with EU regulatory requirements. The have since been fined £776 million.

What Can I Claim For

Emissions are now a major factor in deciding which car to buy due to the way road tax is levied and the cars are price accordingly.

In the USA the emissions data was falsified to show a rating of 40 times below what it would normally run at. Due to that rating the car was able to be priced at a premium. The difference between what the car should have been priced at and the premium price that you paid is the amount of your claim.

This price difference can run into many thousands of pounds. Below are the current price for some of the cars that are affected with the false test results along with an approximation of what the actual value should have been. Your claim is the difference between the two values.

  • S-Class - £74,540 : Real Price - £60,000 ( £14,540 )
  • E-Class - £37,545 : Real Price - £27,000 ( £10,545 )
  • SLK - £35,795 : Real Price - £24,000 ( £11,795 )
  • Sprinter - £34,810 : Real Price - £23,000 ( £11,810 )
  • Vito - £37,475  : Real Price - £27,000 ( £10,475  )

As you can see there is a significant difference in the premium price that was paid to the actual price that the car should have been sold for.

No Win No Fee No Risk

The claim is conducted on a no win no fee basis and on successful completion of the claim you will receive 70% of the claim value with a fee of 30% being charged. Should the claim be unsuccessful there will be no fee.

Making a Falsified Vehicle Emissions Compensation Claim
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We are no longer accepting any new claims in relation to this matter