CBC Unfair Dismissal Claim

If you have been laid off by Central Building Contractors, then you are entitled to compensation for unfair dismissal, redundancy and 90 days pay as they have not followed the correct procedure. 

CBC have acted illegally in the manner of your dismissal.

The Correct procedure

  • Step 1: Warn people of the potential of redundancy
  • Step 2: Identify the redundancy pool
  • Step 3: Decide on the selection criteria
  • Step 4: Consult with employees as a group
  • Step 5: Apply the selection criteria
  • Step 6: Consult with employees individually
  • Step 7: Dismiss the employee

CBC's Procedure

Step 1: Fail to consult with any of their employees

Step 2: Dismiss everyone

As we can see CBC's procedure is significantly different from the the correct procedure which is laid down in law and as such CBC have acted unlawfully in their dismissal of the staff. 

As a staff member you have rights. These rights that cannot simply be thrown away on the whim of an employer. You do need put in a claim to protect yourself as the administrators will not prioritise your claim unless you have representation.

Your Claim

Your claim will consist of three part

  1. Unfair Dismissal Award
  2. Redundancy Award
  3. Up to 90 days pay 
Protect yourself, your rights and the money that is owed to you. Make a claim today. 

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