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If you been involved in an accident which was not your fault and, as a result, you have had to go to see the doctor about your neck and back because they became stiff. It is very likely that you have whiplash and you will be entitled to compensation.

We Can Help With Your Whiplash Injury Claim

Whiplash injuries often respond well to physiotherapy and medical treatment. While we will help you access financial compensation, we will also help you access the medical treatment you need to help you get better

If you have suffered a whiplash injury from a car accident or any other type of accident that was not your fault, you could claim compensation that could:

  • Pay for private medical treatment such as physiotherapy to help you to recover as quickly as possible
  • Repay you for financial losses, for example if you have had to take time off work, or cannot return to your job because of your injuries
  • Repay you for other expenses such as trips to the hospital It would also reflect the fact that you had suffered pain and injury because of someone else’s actions.

Whether you have suffered a minor whiplash injury or more long-lasting whiplash, we have a team of dedicated, experienced solicitors who specialise in recovering compensation for clients just like you

How Much Compensation For Whiplash?

  • £2,500 if you make a recovery within 1 year
  • £2,500 to £4,250 if you make a recovery within 2 years
  • £4,250 to £7,750 (slow recovery, increased vulnerability)
  • £7,750 to £16,000 if you have permanent ongoing symptoms

Other Damages

These are easier to assess because they will be based on real expenses incurred by you. Your whiplash solicitor will ask you to provide receipts, wage slips, and any other documentation that you have that will prove your losses and expenses. Your claim for Special Damages can include the following:

  • Lost Earnings If you had time off work due to your whiplash injury
  • Car Repairs If your car was damaged in the accident
  • Car Storage If the garage stored your car before the repairs
  • Car Hire If you needed to travel whilst your car was off the road
  • Treatment You may have received physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment privately
  • Travel expenses This will be for additional travel expenses incurred as a result of the accident
  • Damaged Items During the accident other items in your vehicle might have been damaged.
  • Medication If you needed to take medication as a result of the accident
  • Any other expenses

If you incurred any other expense at all as a result of the accident then you can recover the cost of this expense too.

How Much Will It Cost

No win no fee means that you will not be liable to pay for any legal fees and you keep 100% of your compensation. If in the event that your claim goes on to be unsuccessful, you will not be liable to bear any of the costs.

All accident no win no fee claims are covered by the defendant who is responsible for the accident. The solicitor puts in a separate bill to recover all the costs which they have incurred over the duration of your claim, making it a free service for you.

How To Make Your Claim

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