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All clients due a payout have now received their funds and as such this campaign is now closed.


Dallas McMillan : Some letters and cheques went out last night. Some are going out today. Also today are many electronic transfers.These together total around 280 claimants (60-65% or so of all the acceptances). All letters/cheques have gone by recorded delivery

That leaves around 33% where we are awaiting funds later this week or possibly early next week. They should receive their payments next week, by cheque or BACS.

There will then be only a further 5% (20-25 claimants) who came back with late acceptances, their funds will be another 2 weeks or so we are hoping to have their payments made before the Christmas break.

Please do not phone for more information everybody will hopefully receive payment by Christmas.


Gildeas – Second batch of cheques will be sent out this week.


Gildeas – the majority of cheques have been posted and are on their way. If they have not arrived yet this is a postal delay and outwith Gildeas control. However if you did not return you acceptance letter by mid-September then unfortunately you are in the second batch which will not be sent out for another three weeks as that is when the monies will be released by SLC. We apologise for the delay in the second batch but can only go with the timetable of release we have from SLC.

Dallas McMillan – Please can you return your acceptance letters as soon as possible.


Gildeas – Cheques are being sent out. You should receive your cheque at the latest by the end of next week.

Dallas McMillan – Offer letters have now been sent out.


Gildeas - Settlement monies are due to arrive on 5/11/2015 and will then be distributed. out. It will take up to 10 days to get all the cheques out. Please do not phone during this time seeking an update as it just delays the process.


Gildeas - Settlement monies are expected to arrive this week and will then be distributed. out. They did not arrive last week due to an unforseen delay with SLC.


Gildeas - Settlement monies are expected to arrive next week and will then be distributed. out

Dallas McMillan - they are hopeful that they will receive offers within the first two weeks of November.


Our panel Solicitors met again with the SLC’s solicitors today (Simpson and Marwick) who confirmed that it was still their position that they will be settling the claims and that having dealt largely with the union claimants they have now moved onto us. There is a fourth group behind us who will be dealt with later.

After lengthy discussions about the way forward and concerns about the length of time the matter had been taking they have indicated that they will analysis our cases with urgency.

It is expected that offers will be received in August. The panel solicitors will then be writing out with those details in an offer letter. Realistically, payments should be made in October.

We would ask you to bear with us and await your offer letters.

Claimants who are no longer employed with SLC

Claimants who left before the February of 2014 will not be receiving an offer


Meeting arranged for 14/07/2015 with SLC’s solicitors Simpson & Marwick to finalise arrangements.


SLC’s solicitors Simpson & Marwick have after a protracted time now finished with the unions. They will begin dealing with our claim next week. Therefore our assessment of settlement by mid-summer looks to be accurate.


With the union claim settled Simpson and Marwick will now be dealing with our claim.

Therefore all still on track for completion by midsummer.


Due to the union settlement taking longer than Simpson & Marwick envisaged it has pushed our settlement timescale back as well. It would appear that Simpson & Marwick are running a month behind.

We are now looking at midsummer for completion.


Apologise, there seems to be some confusion with regards to the wording of the group email update on 25/02/2015.

To summarise the meeting with SLC's solicitors Simpson & Marwick on 24/02/2015:

  • All valid claims will be paid out.
  • All occupations which were included within the Fox payout will be included in the new payout.
  • Payout should happen early summer.

We are sorry that the email update was not clear enough and we hope this summary answers any question which may have arisen.


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