Reclaiming Your Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) and Commission in Scotland

Reclaiming Payment Protection Insurance and Commission

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Reclaim PPI in Scotland

With our specialist scottish PPI claim solicitors we can help you reclaim back your Payment Protection Insurance and the commission that was paid plus interest.

Payment Protection Insurance in Scotland was sold as insurance when taking most forms of consumer debt to cover payments incase you were no longer able to pay.

It has often been missold when added to a loan, credit card or mortgage.

One of the most common ways for the banks and lenders to missell PPI is by telling the borrower that they have to take out PPI or they would not be accepted for the financial product that they were applying for.

Another common way of misselling PPI is the borrower would have had PPI added to their loan without their knowledge.

In April 2011, the Banks lost in court and will now make PPI refunds if the PPI has in fact been missold.

In general if you have been sold PPI you have been missold it.

PPI Claim Refund Example

This is an example calculation of the amount of money refunded by a PPI claim.

Monthly Premium: £47.65
Number of Payments: 27
Amount Paid: £1,286.55
8% Annual Interest: £120.08

Claim Amount: £1,406.63

PPI Pay Claim Calculator

Monthly Premium
Years of Payment

Making a Claim

We offer a complete service to help you claim back your money

      No upfront fees

      One to one personal service

      Old records obtained (Up to 19 years)

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