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While claims are being transferred from AC to MSHB a window of opportunity has opened for new clients to get signed up. If you wish to sign up for the NLC Equal pay claim please click on this link and complete the claim form.


Dallas McMillan - Procedural hearing to take place on the 15/11/2017


Aberdein Considine - As expected this claim will now be taken to the Employment Tribunal and as such all claims will be transferred to Miller Samuel Hill Brown who are ET specialists.

You will receive a letter from Aberdein Considine explaining the transfer and a letter from Miller Samuel Hill Brown which will include a transfer form. You will need to complete the transfer form and return it to Miller Samuel Hill Brown for your claim to continue. Miller Samuel Hill Brown are highly versed in Employment Law matters particularly Employment Tribunals. You will therefore be in safe hands as we progress this matter forward.


Dallas McMillan - are still waiting on the ET to assign a procedural hearing. The delay is caused by the fact that the ET are still combining all the cases. Hopefully will have an update within next few weeks.


Dallas McMillan - All claims are with the Employment Tribunal and we are waiting on a procedural hearing date being assigned.

Aberdein Considine - All claims have now been intimated and the council have agreed to treat them as a collective grievance.


The letter regarding the Council's late-running job evaluation (JE) review, Page 2 of which contains the following paragraph

"For equal pay claimants, in accordance with the terms of settlement agreed with your representative, you will receive a separate payment based on your new grade to reflect the period from 1 April 2015 to 8 June 2016. This will be progressed in conjunction with your legal representative and will represent the final part of your Settlement Agreement. Every effort will be made to progress this payment as early as possible."

What this means is that when you receive your offer the difference will already be included. The claimants from last year are receiving an extra payment to bring them up to the 08/06/2016.


The Scottish Public Pensions Agency have ruled that the NLC equal pay claim payments are not negotiated compensation and are therefore pensionable also that SPPA said the council must pay the income tax and national insurance on the second wave of back pay, as well as employer pension contributions.


Dallas McMillan - All claims have been lodged with the Employment Tribunal. The Employment Tribunal are serving the papers on the North Lanarkshire Council. We will hear back from the tribunal in 2 to 3 weeks.

Aberdein Considine - In preparations to lodge papers with the Employment Tribunal shortly.


Now that the extended ACAS time is over an employment tribunal is being prepared for intimation in April.


All claims have been formally intimated. They have been acknowledged and the panel solicitors are setting out the basis of the claims in more detail with NLC and trying to move the cases forward on an abbreviated procedure as we did with SLC.


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