Make a North Ayrshire Council Equal Pay Claim

Make a North Ayrshire Council Equal Pay Claim

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North Ayrshire Council Equal Pay Claim

Scottish Claims Helpline have now opened an equal pay scheme against North Ayrshire Council and are registering new clients

Your Equal Pay Rights

You are entitled to be paid the same amount as other workers who are doing a comparable job.

North Ayrshire Council may have been underpaying a number of staff whose roles have been deemed comparable to other roles that are on a higher wage band. As such if you are eligible you will be ale to claim the diffrence back from the council for the last five years.

Points To Note

  • The council will not automatically make a pay-out to staff
  • You need to make a claim to receive a pay-out
  • You do not need to be in a union to make a claim
  • You need to be currently employed with North Ayrshire Council to be eligible to make a claim.
  • Claims are conducted under a no win, no fee, no risk basis

How To Make A Claim

If you have not yet make an equal pay claim against North Ayrshire Council and wish to do so simply click on the button below and complete our online claim form.


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