Late Cancer Diagnosis Claims

Late Cancer Diagnosis Claims

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If your cancer was missed by your GP or consultant resulting in a late diagnosis then you may be able to claim compensation for you or your loved ones.

As we now live in a time when most cancers are treatable due to advances in medicine the recovery relies heavily on the cancer being diagnosed accurately and quickly.

Early detection can be vital to your chances of surviving cancer. If there is late or delayed diagnosis the cancer might develop into an incurable form.

About Your Claim

If you have cancer and you feel mistakes were made by your GP or consultant that caused delays in your diagnosis of cancer then you will be able to claim compensation claim. Our medical negligence experts are renowned for approaching these cases with understanding and sensitivity, and we know what positive steps to take to make a real difference to you and your claim.

Not all delays in your diagnosis of cancer are due to medical practitioners’ errors, our medical negligence solicitors will be able to advise you on these points when talking to you initially.

How Much Can I Claim

The amounts of compensation you may receive will depend upon the type of cancer that you have from Melanoma, Salivary Gland cancer, Lung cancer, Bowel cancer, Cervical cancer, Breast cancer, Lymphoma, Carcinoma, Adenocarcinoma and many others it will fall within the wide range of between £30,000 - £800,000.

In some cases you may also receive more compensation if you have family members who are financial dependant on you.

Making a Late Cancer Diagnosis Claim

In order to be successful in such a claim, we need to be able to prove that the medical practitioner was indeed at fault for your late cancer diagnosis by acting in a negligent manner.

Due to the complexity of medical negligence claims they can often be lengthy and involve many factors that our medical claims specialists will be able to guide you on as they are experts in this field.

If you feel you have suffered from a late diagnosis for cancer and want to be compensated you should contact Scottish Claims Helpline today and one of our medical claims specialists will deal with you case. Your case will be dealt with in a no win no fee basis where fees will be sought from the medical practitioner

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