Claiming compensation for a industrial deafness in Scotland

Claiming for Industrial Deafness in Scotland

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If you have suffered noise-induced hearing loss through your employment then you are entitled to compensation

Your employer has a duty to protect you, and must comply with health and safety legislation that has been put in place to make the workplace a safer environment and reduce the risk of work accidents.

What Counts As Industrial Deafness


    A ringing or rushing sound that is heard by the brain even through there is no external noise stimulus.

  • MILD - 20-39dB

    Some difficulty hearing when in a noisy environment.

  • MODERATE - 40-69dB

    Difficulty holding a conversation without a hearing aid.

  • SEVERE - 70-90dB

    Requires the use of a hearing aid.

  • PROFOUND - More than 90dB

    Relies on lip reading, sign language and other non-vocal communications.

If you feel that your hearing loss falls within the above range then you are entitled to compensation.

What Can I Claim For

You will be able to claim compensation for your hearing loss and any economic loss that you have incurred due to your industrial deafness. Such losses could be:

  • Injury compensation
  • Private medical treatment
  • Loss of earnings
  • Any other expenses

How To Make Your Claim

We are here to work with you to claim the compensation you are entitled to from your industrial deafness claim in Scotland. Our solicitors are experts in this area of law.

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