Cineworld Unfair Dismissal Claim

This claim is open to anyone in the UK. If you have been laid off by Cineworld, even temporarily, then you are entitled to compensation for the unfair dismissal. The compensation which is know as a protective payment award consists of 8 weeks of extra pay as they have not followed the correct procedure. Join your colleagues who have already signed up and secure the money that is owed to you. 

Where you Stand

Cineworld says that you are laid off until sometime next year. In effect Cineworld has made you redundant with the promise that should they ever reopen then you may be considered if and when rehiring starts. They have given you no guarantees that there are any jobs waiting for you only vague platitudes about the future and they expect you to put your life on hold with no income while management at head office is going about making sure that their income is protected above all else. Look to protecting yourself, your rights and the money that is due to you.

Your Protective Payment award

A Protective Award is compensation awarded by an employment tribunal because your employer did not consult with you before you were laid off, even is it's only temporarily. You’re only entitled to get this payment if you are included in the tribunal judgement. We will take your claim to the tribunal and secure your award.

The Correct procedure

  • Step 1: Warn people of the potential of redundancy
  • Step 2: Identify the redundancy pool
  • Step 3: Decide on the selection criteria
  • Step 4: Consult with employees as a group
  • Step 5: Apply the selection criteria
  • Step 6: Consult with employees individually
  • Step 7: Lays off the employee

Cineworld's Procedure

Step 1: Fail to consult with any of their employees

Step 2: Laid off everyone

As we can see Cineworld's procedure is significantly different from the the correct procedure which is laid down in law and as such Cineworld have failed to consult with their staff.  As a staff member you have rights. These rights that cannot simply be thrown away on the whim of an employer. You will need put in a claim to receive the protective payment award money as this needs to be raised via the employment tribunal service.

Government Guidance on these types of awards

Link to the UK government's insolvency service page explaining protective payment award.

Government guidance

Protective Payment Award Calculator

Find out how much your protective payment award could be worth by using the calculator below. Enter your weekly pay and click next to see the result.