Care Workers Sleep Over Pay Claim

Care Workers Sleep Over Pay Claim

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Sleep Over Claim Details

A number of care providers have been requiring their staff to provide sleep over care while not counting those hours as normal work hours. As the hours spent during the sleep over are at the behest of the employer they are to be considered normal working hours. Often the employer instead of logging the hours as normal working hours has paid a nightly lump sum which is below the national minimum wage.

Your Claim

As the care provider has not paid the national minimum wage for the hours that cover the sleep over they are in breach of the law. Your claim would be the national minimum wage X the hours of the sleep over - any payment already received.

Claim Example

This is an example calculation of the amount of money you may be due.

Lump sum for sleep over: £20
Number of hours: 8
Minimum wage for 8 hours: £60
Number of sleep overs per year: 10
Number of years of employment: 11
Claim Amount: £4,400
Minimum wage for 8 hours - Lump sum for sleep over X Number of sleep overs per year X Number of years of employment

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