Aberdeenshire Council Equal Pay Claims

Aberdeenshire Council Equal Pay Claims

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Your Aberdeenshire Council Equal Pay Claim

With the closure of the Fox & Co scheme, Scottish Claims Helpline have now opened an equal pay scheme against Aberdeenshire Council.

Your Equal Pay Rights

You are entitled to be paid the same amount as other workers who are doing a comparable job. Aberdeenshire Council may have been underpaying a number of staff whose roles have been deemed comparable to others on a higher wage band.

If you are employed in one of these roles then you may be due a pay out and you should make a claim for equal pay.

If you are unsure if your in an eligible role it is better to make a claim than not therefore covering yourself, furthermore should your role not be eligible and your claim ultimately unsuccessful then under our no win no fee arrangement you will not be liable for any costs.

What Jobs Are Eligible

Below is a list of job types that may be eligible to make an equal pay claim. This list does not cover every role that could be eligible. If your role is similar or related to ones listed below then you should make a claim.

If you are in a role that is not similar to the ones listed below but you feel that your job is comparable to another within Aberdeenshire Council and that they are being paid more than you then you should make a claim.

  • care worker
  • catering staff
  • groundsman
  • classroom assistant
  • cleaner
  • cleaning supervisor
  • clerical assistant
  • community bus driver
  • community support
  • day care worker
  • early years worker
  • facility worker
  • family support worker
  • hall keeper
  • home carer
  • janitor
  • library workers
  • receptionist
  • recreation assistant
  • residential worker
  • school patrol
  • school support worker

How To Make A Claim

You need to be currently employed with Aberdeenshire Council to be eligible to make a claim. Claims are conducted under a no win no fee basis.

If you have not yet make an equal pay claim against Aberdeenshire Council and wish to do so simply click on the button below and complete our online claim form.

Fill in the brief form below and one of our claims advisors will contact you.
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